So I haven’t posted anything for weeks! I apologize to all of my readers. The past few weeks have been absolutely ridiculous. I have been working 17 hour days and there still is no end in sight. I have officially launched Social Interactive. The company was founded for the purpose of developing custom solutions for organizations looking to leverage social networking to expand their brand. Thanks to Facebook there are now a ton of companies looking to expand their brand.

Now that I have tapped the right niche, I am in dire need of support. I feel like I was in front of a giant crowd all of whom were asking for Facebook applications. I came along, raised my hand and said, “I can build them.” The crowd has now just stomped all over me like a stampede and they all want their apps now.

While that is not a bad problem it is extremely challenging. For the time being, this blog is going to document my adventure in startup world as a webpreneur. Ultimately, that is what I intended to do from the start but my initial attempt at jumping into the startup world was met with failure. Wasn’t the first time and surely won’t be the last but it’s time to see where this one goes. I will be sure to document all the lessons learned so feel free to join me on this journey. The first week has been filled with tons of lessons. I will be sure to start sharing them with all you. For now, I will leave you with two pictures. One is of my desk after a nightmarish few days. The other is of a desk for my first employee that will be joining me by next week. I’ll let you guess which one is which.

Nick's desk

Co-worker's Desk