Napoleon Hill nailed it on the head when he said that you need a “Mastermind Group.” Without a dynamic team that can help substitute your weaknesses and highlight your strengths, you are pretty much lost. That’s where I’ve been recently.

I have been an individual for a long time and in the past couple weeks I have been probing to find the team that is right for me. I have found a couple of options but I have narrowed it down to two. I am going to have to go with one of them but at this point it is up to the other teams to decide.

Alone you are practically nothing. Together, you can conquer the world. I am looking forward to conquering and I hope that I don’t have to build my team from scratch. That is the last resort for me. I have promises to clients and I need to continue delivering. While much of this may not make sense to you given the lack of insight that I have provided, I can say one thing: assemble a powerful team.

That team is going to be the basis for your future. That future is not days, weeks or months, but years. Choose your team wisely and you will reap the rewards, choose your team poorly and you will go down in flames. I pray that the former is what happens to me.