Watch out Gmail, here comes Yahoo! Today, Yahoo announced that they will begin offering unlimited mail space to all their users. Not even Gmail offers infinite space. You need to pay to obtain 10 GB of space with Google Apps for your domain. Now that Yahoo is launching unlimited space, the primary focus of competition will revolve around usability. I am personally a huge fan of Gmail, and love how I can search my mail. Conversely, there are certain features that I would love to see added to Gmail as well. Back at the beginning of January I wrote about 5 things that I’d like to see on Google.

Unfortunately, none of the items that I listed have come true. My friend at Google said that having your Google calendar show up in Gmail is one of the most requested features from users. Why haven’t they launched this feature yet then? Chris Gilmer speculates that this is because Google is going to integrate all of their applications within Jotspot, a wiki company that they recently acquired. Regardless, I think they should have integrated Google calendar long ago. All in all it looks like the battle of the email providers is far from over.