Saturday night I watched a great movie called “The Secret”. The movie, which follows its written counterpart, discusses how to utilize the power of the mind to get whatever your heart desires. I have read many books on this topic, and ultimately this movie reiterates much of what is covered in books such as Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. I am a true follower of such ideas and this movie helps get you back on track. I’m not quite sure if I should be revealing “The Secret” but I figured I might as well share some of the main points with you.

The overall concept of “The Secret” as well as most self-help ideas is that a positive mind results in a positive life. Through visualization, anything that you desire can become yours. Whether it be health, wealth, or happiness, all things can become yours. In order to receive anything you must first be able to ask for what you want. This comes through writing down what you want in addition to visualizing it. Visualization is a major component that I had previously not applied. This is something that I personally am going to strive to become better at. Second you must believe that what you want is already yours and combine this with unwaivering faith that you will obtain whatever it is that you are asking for. Finally, receive what you were working toward obtaining.

Whatever you can do to generate the feelings of you obtaining your goals, you must experience those feelings now. Coupling your vision with the emotion will create an unbreakable force that guides you to accomplishment. Along the path toward success and obtaining your goals, you will face hurdles. In order to overcome hurdles and to maintain a positive attitude you must express gratitude. Being thankful for what you already have is huge.

Even I have failed to express gratitude on any sort of regular basis. Today was the first time that I can recall actually expressing thanks for what I have. It is sad but true. Too often we proceed through life without realizing all the great things that have been provided for us. If you are a reader of my blog than chances are you also have some pretty incredible things to be thankful for as well. So next time you get a chance (perhaps waking up the morning), take a few minutes to think of what you have to be grateful for as you go about your daily routines. I have the feeling that practicing this with any sort of normalcy will produce incredible results. I am going to begin practicing what I learned from “The Secret” and as I do I will be sure to keep you informed of any revelations that occur. In the mean time, you should check out “The Secret” and have a small revelation yourself.