So I’ve been reading a bazillion blogs during the past week since I am temporarily unemployed (for 1 week only). There is definitely a lot of buzz about Web 2.0, and each person seems to have their own definition. Check out this funny chart:
The Habits of Highly Effective Web 2.0 Sites
Anyways, I decided to write this entry to rescind part of what I said yesterday about there being no stop to the seemingly endless influx of capital in the Web world. After reading the Wall Street Journal Article titled “TechCrunch Site Makes Arrington a Power Broker”, I’ve concluded that there definitely is a lot of hype surrounding each of these new web start-ups that are popping up everyday, similar to the sort of hype we saw prior to the first bubble.

I found it particularly startling that simply being listed in Arrington’s blog resulted in a group of venture capitalists knocking at your door the next day. I am partially disappointed that it took so long for a blog like “TechCrunch”, to appear because maybe I could have had some more money to fund one of my early projects “Frusic“(Frusic is definitely a Web 2.0 name that I came up with 4 years ago) as a result of a short write-up in a popular blog. Well, maybe I’m just a little bitter :) Anyways, while there will continue to be plenty of venture capital floating around, one has to wonder when this second wave of web startups will come to an end.