So you wake up in the morning immediately after the first alarm goes off. You jump in the air and say to yourself, “Today is going to a good day because I’m going to crush it!”

Alright, that’s probably not how it starts but still, most days start with good intentions. Right?

You have a list of things that you are going to check of your list! Then you proceed to check the news, your email, maybe even a few other things. For good measure you show up at a meeting (something that we all love so much!) and then it’s lunch time! You get back from lunch, check the news, and then you finally get to your work. You put in a couple hours of good hard work (that’s why you get paid the dolla-dolla bills) and you go home.

This goes on for years and you look back wondering, “What the hell just happened to the past few years?!?!” Well, this has happened to me and I think I have the answer. Actually, I know for a fact that I have the cure, but I can’t tell you just yet!

That’s because I need to tell you what your problem is. You are a goal whore. That’s right, you’ve been sleeping around with a ton of hairy and audacious goals. You think to yourself that years of sleeping with the same goals will one day pay off! It’s alright, I’m a goal whore too. I come up with a ton of projects that I swear I’ll dominate and then months down the road I’ve realized that I’ve made miniature steps toward accomplishing each objective.

By now, you may be saying out loud, “Nick, I’m a genius and I already can tell what knowledge bomb you’re about to drop on my goal missing ass!” Honestly, if you actually said that to my face I’d be a very happy person but let’s move on.

Here’s the secret: start with one single goal. I guarantee that this works. Here’s my proof. The goal was to build one of the largest blogs on the internet. My strategy: if I didn’t know what I was doing at any moment I’d just write another blog post. It worked and eventually I had one of the top 100 blogs on the internet (here’s a screenshot).

I’m going to be honest: I let a lot of other things in my life go. I spent practically every waking hour dedicated to this goal. I used to stuff my face with milano cookies. Those cookies are incredible, right? I also would delay sending out invoices and make all sorts of other stupid mistakes.

The point is not to replicate all of my awful mistakes though. What I’m simply illustrating is that a singular focus can generate incredible results. Yes, you should try to be more balanced with your pursuit of goals. However rather than taking on 50 million things, sometimes it’s best to cut out a lot of unnecessary objectives and focus on just one or two.

I’m trying to do the same thing now and I have to be honest: it isn’t easy. However if you can keep focused on one thing, you’ll see far greater results.

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