Over 4 months ago I started on a journey. Well actually, 25 years ago I started the journey but only 4 months ago did I begin to write about it. 4 months ago I was introduced to the power of blogs through my boss at the time. Quickly, I began reading every blog out there related to the web that had any sort of influence. Blogs like Techcrunch, ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, etc.

Inspired by the large scale success of these blogs, I embarked on a path toward duplicating a similar success. I wanted tons of readers who were all waiting on my next post. I chose to adopt many of the writing strategies used by my “virtual mentors”. Since then I have realized that providing value to the readers is not done through simply mimicking someone else’s strategy, but rather success comes from within.

The best part of this blog is that you will read about the manifestation of success rather than listening to me speak down at my listeners. I want to thank a personal friend of mine, Nicola, who helped me find part of the value in my blog. Thanks to myself and my other friend Leslie, she has also become a future successful blogger. You can read her blog, “Standing FIRM”.

Rather than providing a digest of today’s popular tech news items I am going to follow a new path. I will continue to cover tech items that I find of interest, but the new focus will be personal exploration and how it relates to the web, entrepreneurship, and blogging. A major focus will be on blogging, and I will begin setting measurable goals that I can read for this blog. The first goal is to grow this blog up to 30,000 visitors per month. If I occasionally go off topic, I apologize, but you are being granted unfiltered access to my thoughts and that’s just how I think. So take it or leave it. I hope you enjoy as I share my personal journey with you.