O.k., maybe this title is a little bit excessive, but the ad above presents what I perceive as probably the single greatest opportunity to reengage your website’s audience beyond email. As someone who rarely clicks ads, I’ve found retargeting to be one of the most effective models.

The other day while browsing the web I saw the ad above by Neil Patel. For those of you don’t know Neil, he’s an online marketing and analytics guru. He also co-founded CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics with Hiten Shah, another guru of online marketing and analytics. I’m not sure how, but I ended up on Neil’s site the other day briefly. I always refer to his site because he knows how to optimize content, something I’ve always been interested in.

Anyways, a few minutes later I’m browsing the web and I see the ad above. Brilliant! While I didn’t click on the ad right away, I was definitely tempted to and ended up writing a blog post on the topic which is worth far more than a click. While ReTargeter.com is one resource for running retargeting campaigns, I believe Google has even introduced some form of retargeting into their AdWords product and there are many more people offering competing solutions out there.

While acquiring new readers is always an important part of growing your site, maintaining your existing audience is critical. That’s where retargeting campaigns can help you. While I’m not sure how this campaign performed for Neil, it was effective at getting my attention. Have you seen any other effective retargeting campaigns?