Last week the New York Post suddenly became popular with tech enthusiasts. On Tuesday, they published an article covering Microsoft’s potential buyout of 24/7 Real Media. Personally, I didn’t see many follow-ups to this story and am not sure if this ever materialized. Then on Friday they published an article stating Microsoft’s intention to buy out Yahoo for $50 billion dollars. This rumor pushed Yahoo’s stock up over 30 percent. By the end of Friday the rumors were squashed. Brian Dudley sums up my initial reaction perfectly:

You can’t just drop a bombshell that jerks around 80,000 Microsoft and Yahoo! employees, rocks Wall Street and then fizzles before the day is over.

By posting the story on Friday, the New York Post has instantly lost all credibility with me. Honestly, I never viewed the New York Post as a viable news source anyways, and then last week they “broke” two tech related stories. Not a bad week, except that they were primarily lies! I definitely won’t be turning to the New York Post as a primary news source any time soon.