Facebook has officially launched a new platform to take on all other social networks. This is beyond the scope of any other social network on the web. They are providing developers unrestricted access to their accessing and updating Facebook data.Some of you might remember that I mentioned something about Facebook music. Well, while it hasn’t been officially announced I have a feeling that it is going to be launched via their new development platform.

MySpace has forced developers to work within their own horribly configured system that accepts non-semantic HTML. Now developers can choose a better social network to develop their applications for clients, Facebook. Unfortunately though developers will still need to develop for Myspace for the time being since there are still users on Myspace that aren’t on Facebook. I have a feeling this will soon change if all goes according to plan for Facebook.

Facebook is aiming to become the social networking platform for everyone. Rather than closing off to the world they are granting access to everyone. Get ready for Facebook music, Facebook calendars, Facebook docs, Facebook email, and anything else that is currently offered on the web. Imagine if Google opened up their development platform so that anyone could develop apps for all users are currently using Gmail. It’s that big.


Apparently many of the applications are already featured. You can view all of them by going to http://apps.facebook.com/apps. There is already a 30 boxes calendar, Scribd app that lets you share documents with your friends, iLike music application, and a Twitter add on!