Jason Calacanis has posted an article about how to linkbait him. This is my interpretation:

  1. Let everyone know that I am great by telling them my exceptional bio
  2. Follow up my bio with words such as “The King”, “Almighty”, or “The Blogging Jesus”
  3. Once you are done giving me all the praise that I deserve along with a picture of you worshiping me, I request that you display a history of posts that you enjoyed. I assume that you have read all of my posts on my blog, right?
  4. Go TP the houses of anyone that has ever talked crap about me. Also put them on your blacklist, and never read their blogs. Additionally, post a list on your blog naming each of them individually under the sub-heading “Devil Worshippers”
  5. Since you already have my best quotes ever engraved in plaques all over your bedroom, pick a few of them and add those to your post. Nothing makes me feel better than hearing my own gospel.
  6. Post a picture of me that makes me look beautiful. I know that I’m beautiful as it is, but let’s be honest, we all have a few bad pictures of ourselves. Since you already have beautiful pictures of me hanging on your shrine, why not take out your digital camera, snap a shot of one of them and add it to the post. I like seeing my beautiful face.
  7. Talk about the days when we hung out (even if we didn’t). I like to know that I have tons of real friends that I’ve built true relationships with, just like you ….. RIGHT???
  8. If you are going to flame me … you better do it politely. Try something such as “I believe that Mr. Calacanis was wrong when he said … but I still think he is the most incredible person in the world anyways. Wow! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I am in love with Jason Calacanis.” Something along those lines.
  9. Since you are already stalking me … why not link to the various locations that you are stalking me from. I have a flickr, digg, and del.icio.us account that all need some link love. I have a picture of this concrete that I think is exceptionally artistic. I call it “The One Tone Masterpiece”. Try linking to that or something. Damn, I’m a genius.
  10. Finally, send me a gift on my birthday. Actually, while you are at it, send me a gift every other weekend. Sometimes I have a really hard week and I really appreciate your support.
  11. Did I say finally? Whatever. You should also fly out to visit me at some point during the next 6 months and worship the ground that I’m standing on. Not just at that moment, but for a full 8-hour work day.

If you follow the simple steps outlined above, I’ll post a link on my blog for you.