I have seen some pretty cool stuff on the internet but this ranks at the top. Jaxtr, a startup company founded by Philip Mobin and Tourag Parang is in the process of releasing a pretty slick widget on the web. Jaxtr offers users the ability to contact you by phone by attaching a simple widget within your blogs and emails (eventually I’m guessing IM as well). This is very similar to the click to call feature on google maps. While Google decided to temporarily abandon the service due to the onslaught of prank phone calls, this feature is a great addition for the blogger who is focused on self-promotion.

Any active blogger who uses their blog to generate business will find this a great addition. On the other hand, I’m not quite sure how useful this is to add to a generic MySpace profile (although I’m sure that commercial users of MySpace will find this addition useful). This service turns the web and social networks into a dynamic phone book, pretty cool.