Over the past couple days I have been facing an increasingly problematic issue. I have had too many ideas about businesses to launch. In one week I have come up with four ideas that I think are feasible business ideas. Each one has its ups and downs but I think they all have the potential for future cash-flow. I’ll share the ideas with you to see what you think. Maybe you can shed some light. Initially I figured that I would keep these to myself, but now that I have so many ideas, there is no point in keeping all of them a secret any longer.

  1. Confrenzy - Confrenzy is a blog that covers all issues related to conferences. The target market is people that enjoy attending conferences, as well as those that want to become organizers. I would attend conferences to do live blogging at the events as do interviews with conference organizers to learn about the challenges they have faced and the most rewarding aspects of the job. Revenue would be generated via advertising from conferences as well as companies that promote to the event industry. My personal goal with this one was to get paid to meet people.
  2. E-book Package - I mentioned this one in a post a couple of days ago. I have yet to reveal all of the details. The main concept here is to produce an in formative e-book/video package and successfully market it to the target niche. I came up with the idea while reading “The 4-hour workweek”. My personal goal with this one is to generate some extra cash flow on the side. Setting up an effective e-book marketing program takes a little time but is highly automated.
  3. Clothing Store for Lean/Slender People - If you have met me then you know that I am not the largest person around. Thanks to the gym I have grown in size, but I still wouldn’t consider myself to have a threatening presence. Often times I go to the store looking for smaller jean sizes only to find that they are sold out. I have talked to many sales people who say that the smaller sizes sell out quickest. As a result I figured that I could create an e-commerce site that stocked all the brand-name clothing in smaller sizes. This idea was to simply fulfill an unfulfilled niche. I’m not sure how large this market is (especially considering that most people are getting fat in this country), but I’m sure there are other people out there like me.
  4. Easy Contact Forms - I’ve been thinking about this one for years, but after seeing the post on Techcrunch about Contactify, I figured now in just as good a time as it ever was to launch this one. The main idea is to offer a slick alternative to MailerMailer and Constant Contact. I have set up way too many MailerMailer and Constant Contact campaigns for clients. Both their solutions have horrible solutions, although they do get the job done. I figured that I could create an easy system where users sign up, create a quick form and include a little piece of javascript to add it to their site. This would automatically add an Ajax contact me form, or mailing list registration form that would work from the comfort of the user’s website. There would be no redirection to contact website. This could be created in one weekend, and I’ve been thinking that now is a good time to make it.

So after spilling the beans on most of my ideas, what are your thoughts? I would love to get your input on what ideas are good, which ones suck, and how I can make some of them better. Also, I am currently looking to interview individuals from small businesses that have experienced growth thanks to their website and/or blog. If you or know anyone that has, please get in contact with me.