Last week I was speaking with Frank Gruber who seems to be just as busy as I am. He had read the same post as I had on “The Attention Economy” by Alex Iskold. We both shared our experience of being overloaded with information. Recently I’ve been adding on one project after the other but now realize that there is not enough time to take on the world. Not only is there not enough time to work on 5 projects, but additionally there is barely enough time for me to blog. The process of blogging is fairly time consuming because any good blogger is subscribed to hundreds of feeds (if not thousands) and trying to get through all of their content each day. While this is not the case for everyone I know, it is the case for any successful blogger as well as hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people that are blog addicts.

The most masterful attention manager that I know is Steve Rubel, who maintains a blog, writes articles for AdAge, and has now written hundreds of posts on twitter. In addition to all that he’s serving as Senior Vice President of Edelman. I have no idea how he works at the same time (maybe he doesn’t).

This new change in the flow of information is huge. While I doubt most people are going to become RSS feed addicts, I know may people will make the internet their primary source of information. This is going to continue shaking up many industries including media, PR, and marketing.

Anyways, the whole point of my rambling is that I would like to continue providing interesting content to you, my readers, and would like to post more than one time a day. For now, it looks likes I’m going to be limited to one (and maybe a few more on the rare occasion) a day for the next couple weeks while I sort through my schedule. My attention has reached its limit!