One after the other the big tech companies have come out with record breaking profits. Apple, Google, Amazon, and now Microsoft have smashed earnings sending stocks soaring. Apple for the first time broke the $100 per share threshold and Amazon’s stock has gone up a whopping 40% since Tuesday. Microsoft is already up 5% today which isn’t bad for a stock that has been dwindling since the beginning of the year. All of this growth in the tech industry makes me wonder how long this can go on for. The other lesson learned from all of this is that it is acceptable for tech companies (primarily Google and Microsoft) to release products that aren’t complete. Google has left Gmail in beta since its inception and Microsoft released an operating system that had significant flaws. Yet still both companies continue to experience rapid growth, not bad.

Many have predicted that the current tech boom that we’re experiencing is going to come to a halt once Google misses or meets estimates. I’m not quite sure that I fully agree with that given that Google, Microsoft, and even Apple are all sitting on fairly hefty sums of cash. Either way, now is a great time to be in the tech industry.