Tonight I attended my first Social Media Club ever. It was a great experience. I met a lot of wonderful people and engaged some great conversation. The main topic of discussion was supposed to be social media measurement but much of the conversation revolved around other topics. Topics discussed included the Viacom lawsuit against Google (as I wrote about a couple weeks ago), and second life. I actually was quite surprised that Second Life was still such a major topic of discussion. In all honesty, I think the PR industry is slightly obsessed with Second Life, perhaps rightly so.

In terms of social media measurement, I learned that it is truly an emerging industry that is still seeking leadership. The PR industry is still trying to adapt to the rapidly changing media environment. In order to advance social media measurement, there will need to be though leaders and advocates of social media measurement within the public relations and communication industry. Just like thought leaders are required for the progression of OpenID, such is the case of social media measurement and monitoring. All in all, my experience with social media club was a positive one and I will definitely attend it again.