I couldn’t finish this sentence before checking Twitter.

All of my family and friends lives have become absorbed in social media to a point where I feel as though I’m publishing this from some dystopian future. One in which all the people surrounding me are fully distracted. Myself included!

This site has gone two years without content. Previously, I was writing ten articles a day.

The irony?

The thousands of articles I published documented the rise of the very tools that now serve as my primary source of distraction.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit … how far have we gone down this rabbit hole?

We are all creating micro-content noise.

I used to invest hours a day crafting articles but now I hours of passive time consuming and half-creating content that people will see for fractions of a second.

This post is my own start towards fighting the growing machines of distraction. They are increasingly optimized toward preventing me from doing this simple act: writing a blog post.

Consider this my first step!