I have been offering Facebook development services for the past month or so since the launch of the new Facebook platform. Since I began offering services I have landed some major clients including large media companies. I can’t discuss my portfolio currently since I am under non-disclosure agreements but there is going to be huge news coming in the coming weeks. I have been slow to posting as I try to run a number of different things all while finishing up a full-time contract position. This has been extremely challenging but will prove to be highly rewarding I hope. I am looking forward to launching my offices out of D.C. in the coming weeks.

The article I posted on Sunday discussed a lot of my overload currently. I honestly am going to continue posting on this blog but it is truly hard to keep all these things going simultaneously. I promise to return to a frequent basis in the near future but for the time being posts are going to fluctuate in frequency. If you can’t get enough of my writing, head on over to my other blog All Facebook where I am posting daily about social networking related issues.

I will get back on top of the business and technology postings but for now I am at a max and I am working 17 hour days. Not much more I can say. Thanks for your support!