I got back from the Future of Web Apps conference at the beginning of the week and I’ve already picked my next conference to attend. I’ve decided to attend PodCamp in New York City. I’m pretty excited to network with the other bloggers and podcasters as well as meet members of the social media club in New York City. I think PodCamp will be a good networking experience. At this rate I’ll be working the conference circuit as a speaker in the near future. Ha. Anyways, there will be some great presentations at the conference. Also, for better or for worse, any of the attendees can register to speak. So what is PodCamp? According to the PodCamp site:

PodCamp NYC is a FREE unconference dedicated to podcasting, blogging and other new/social media—hosted and co-organized by the prestigious New School. The objective is to allow you to:

  • Learn about podcasting & social media
  • Share your ideas about podcasting and social media by conducting your own session
  • Form new relationships and build the community
  • Have fun!

Head on over to the PodCamp NYC Website to learn more about the conference.