The Othermill Kickstarter project has raised nearly $163,000 dollars in a matter of days. What does it do? Rather than print things, it enables people to efficiently cut things quickly! Whether that involves cutting through metal, circuit boards, wood, or other materials, this is a full blown portable mill.

While I don’t spend much time cutting into things, it is pretty clear that thousands of people want to. I thought the pitch video (embedded below) was brilliant, primarily because they contrasted their product with the incredibly popular 3D printers that show up regularly on the site.

Be honest: don’t you want to be season walking down the street with your cool new mill! It’s so small you can literally carry it with one hand (yes, I see your jaw dropping right now). In all honesty, this is part of a much broader trend toward more robust do-it-yourself (DIY) prototyping. If I had a tool shed, I’d most definitely love to throw one of these Othermills in it.

Are you into building “wearable circuits, custom guitar effects pedals, and quadcopter electronics”? If so, you can cough up $1,399 as the early birds already snatched up the $999 versions. You can read more about it here.