Now that you have done all of the necessary competitive market analysis it is time to begin optimizing your site. There are a few key things that are necessary when optimizing your site to get to the top of google. The first thing is optimizing your page URLs. If you mouse over the various links on this blog, you can see that the page urls are descriptive of the page. For example, the url on this article includes the text “optimize-your-page-urls”. Google sees this as “optimize your page urls”. How can you create good page urls?

Each page that you create should have a targeted keyword. As such, the URL for any given page should include the keyword that you are targeting. How do you get nice looking URLs? There are a couple of methods you can use:

1) Naming your file as the keyword that you are optimizing your page for. For instance if you are optimizing for the name “Webpreneur”, you would name the file Webpreneur.html.

2) Use url rewriting via Apache’s mod_rewrite module and modify your .htaccess file. This is a more complicated way of accomplishing things, but it ends up being a slicker way and makes url write easier in the future. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use a content management system for your site that utilizes url rewriting such as Wordpress or Textpattern. If you look at each of the articles on this site, the URLs are optimized using this method.

These two methods will serve you well when trying to optimize your page to reach the top of google.