With all the buzz surrounding social media and blogs, it is very easy to begin thinking that soon enough there will be nothing but media on the web. Soon enough there will be no more television or newspaper and everyone will spend their days consuming the web. Well, not exactly. As Victor Keegan writes, “to the average Joe, blogs aren’t cutting it”. While there is still growth in the blogosphere, it is limited primarily to those within a certain demographic (high education and higher income). Let’s face it, to the majority blogs are little more than a buzz word. I would be interested in seeing what percentage of consumers of blogs are also bloggers themselves. I would be willing to bet that the percentage is pretty high.

What inspires all of us that participate in social media, is it’s truly democratic nature. Your voice has practically the same weight as others. Post your thoughts on the web and someone will come read them. All of the intellectuals see this and realize that if they don’t participate then their voice isn’t being heard. If your voice isn’t being heard, then you don’t exist. So being that you are an intellectual (hey, you are reading this blog aren’t you?), get out there and start blogging. The people want to hear what you think, so give them what they’re asking for.