There is a meme going round blogosphere discussing the Age Question. The discussion seems to be centered around the concept that it is more challenging to be an entrepreneur the older you get. Michael Parekh is wondering why none of these 20-somethings that are part of the Facebook generation are commenting on the subject. I’d love to take the opportunity to speak on their behalf!

First let me say that it is a privilege to speak on the behalf of 20-somethings everywhere, especially since I do not accurately depict the average 20-something. Most 20-somethings are not blogging about technology, or the state of affairs in this world. Instead they are blogging on MySpace about their dysfunctional (and occasionally functional) relationships. Ok, so aside from trying to sum up all 20-somethings in a couple sentences, allow me to comment on the age thing.

Investors will consistently throw money at young entrepreneurs because they are “fresh” and “new.” If you want to feel the pulse of the future, you turn toward those that are more youthful. In all honesty, if I was a venture capitalist and a 40-something came and pitched an idea targeting his or her own generation I would say “Wonderful!” I think bloggers have the unique ability to come close to grasping what is hip among the 20-somethings. Bloggers are inquisitive by nature and thus no matter what the age they will flock to the next cool thing to see what all the buzz is about. It’s in their nature.

So is there a barrier created by age? Nope. Not unless you think there is. The only barrier that exists is the absence of a center of communication where the age demographics are equal (if there is one that you know of please feel free to comment). This is especially the case in the blogosphere (primarily the tech blogosphere). Maybe I’m wrong but my guess is the demographic breakdown of those featured on techmeme is somewhat skewed toward late twenties and beyond. I would be interested to see a chart of the age demographic in Techmeme. Maybe we could talk to Gabe about this?