After reading “That’s Not How You Do It Obama” I decided to check out Barack Obama’s new social network. I think that Fred (the author of A VC) makes a good point that the site shouldn’t be experiencing server overload, but aside from that I think the site is pretty good. If Obama is trying to enable a grassroots movement then this is surely one way to do it. Give those that need it, a single source for managing the movement. While I also agree with Fred that most of the people that are going to blog about Obama already have blogs, I don’t think that it is necessary to integrate the other blogs into Obama’s website. I think setting up the site was a great move by Obama’s team. While the highly tech savvy individuals may not be as impressed by the site features, I think that the non- to mid-tech savvy individuals will be. I’ll be interested to see if any of the other candidates begin to provide similar services. Additionally it will be interesting to see if the grassroots methods will be able to successfully overcome the old-school campaign tactics of the other candidates.