An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal this morning discussed Google’s loss of a suit filed against them by a Belgian newspaper. While the Belgian newspaper has won a large settlement (‚Ǩ3.45 million and counting), this is a dumb move by a newspaper company. As traditional newspaper companies face declining revenue, they will need to begin to shift their focus to their web based offerings. Both the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal have successfully embraced the web. If you check out Techmeme on a daily basis, you are just about guaranteed to see a New York Times or Wall Street Journal article on the page. Why? These companies have realized that by posting buzz worthy news on their sites, bloggers will discuss and link to them. In turn both their reader base and ad revenue increase substantially. I guess the moral of the story is that old media is much slower to adapt to the new media landscape. That’s good news for us bloggers because we’re the ones filling the void.