My friend Chip Griffin released a really great e-book last week that covers everything related to the evolving new media landscape. The two primary themes of discussion are convergence and the power of niches. I read the first iteration of this e-book and it was information dense. The most recent iteration is even longer and well worth the read. Just like Chip, I also have been relatively obsessed with the future of media. For me personally, blogs have had a huge impact on my life during the past 6 months and I have a feeling that it will continue to over the course of the coming years. Chip has compiled some great information including some insight from top bloggers including Jeff Jarvis, Mark Cuban, Chris Anderson, Dave Winer, Chris Garrett, and Jason Calacanis. Shel Israel also helped out Chip on this one. It seems that Shel helps out just about every serious blogger that is covering social media and emerging technology. How do you do it Shel? Anyways, you should definitely go check out the New Media Cocktail by Chip Griffin. Great job Chip!