According to Information Week, many of the new Google Group users aren’t really diggin’ the new Google Groups layout. I checked it out to see what all the fuss was over. Contrary to many of the posts in the “Google Groups Basics” group, I think the upgrade is pretty nice. On the other hand, if you are using Opera, it may not be so nice. One of the users participating in the lambasting of the new design provided a nice screen shot of what the new Groups looks like in Opera. Ouch!

It should be somewhat shocking that a company the size of Google would release “final release” products that aren’t cross-browser compliant. Either way, I do see where Google is going with the branding of the Gmail style interface. Gmail is definitely my favorite email client. I like the ability to have all my things stored on the web sans the risk of loosing my data.

The bigger Google gets, the more backlash they will receive from releasing faulty products. From my experience though, Google is pretty good about tracking their feedback and trying to make quick repairs to resolve the issues. Check out the new Google Groups, and let me know what you think.