Just yesterday AOL told 901am.com that Blogsmith is “gearing up for an early launch in 2007”. Something funny about this is the fact that Blogsmith.com redirects to Brian Alvey’s blog, yet they say that Jason Calacanis was the one who developed it … not too sure about that one.

Either way, aside from the interesting wording in the 901am.com post, I’m wondering what more blogging software has to offer. While each blogging software has it’s pros and cons there is already a huge number of competitors (including the obvious Wordpress and Movable Type). I run my blog with Wordpress, but have also used many other softwares including Textpattern and Movable Type. Wordpress is so simple to manage and performs all of the functions that I need done. On the other hand, I don’t have a blog with a massive server load currently which would probably guide me toward Movable Type as a better alternative since they take advantage of page caching. Who knows, maybe I will try out Blogsmith after it is released and start singing praises about it, for know all we can do is speculate.