Yesterday, Jeremy “ShoeMoney” was banned from MyBlogLog for posting articles about how to hack MyBlogLog. One of his first articles about hacking MyBlogLog was written three weeks ago, and the problems were not fixed. I don’t know about my fellow bloggers that are using the system, but this is unacceptable. I love using MyBlogLog and think that it is a great system, but I don’t enjoy that people can spoof other people’s identities and view my site as someone else. While I won’t go as far as Andy Beal who has decided to boycott MyBlogLog, I do hope that they fix the problem. By simply verifying the session id cookie they could fix the problem. While exploring the MyBlogLog cookies in my browser I noticed the mbl_sid cookie which is prefaced with my user id seems to be present. Perhaps they have since fixed the problem that ShoeMoney discussed a couple days ago, but banning him for making the issue public is unnecessary. They have essentially banned one of their most avid users. Bad idea guys.