Today Microsoft Vista was officially launched for consumers. Let’s get excited! Not. I’ll be receiving my Vista upgrade from Dell in the next few days, but the odds of me installing it are fairly low. Why? Well I just read six good reasons not to upgrade over at PcWorld. The main reason that I’m not upgrading: Microsoft is already working on service pack 1 to fix existing bugs. When Microsoft XP came out, there was the same problem of having a bunch of bugs. Once Service Pack 1 was released, XP finally was stable. Additionally, you better have a new computer if you expect to run Vista with at least 2 Gigabytes of RAM and fast processor. Finally, you can still continue to use Windows XP without being concerned about lack of support. PcWorld says, “Microsoft has committed to at least seven more years of XP support, and even plans a Service Pack 3 next year.” So, I know I won’t be upgrading to Vista immediately, you might want to think about holding off as well.