As I mentioned over the past couple days, I’ve been unsubscribing to newsletters non-stop to reduce the number of emails in my inbox. Some people don’t make thinks easy however. Instead they force you to log in to your account before you can manage your email subscription preferences. This is a HUGE no-no. Seriously, this single decision will probably double or triple the number of people marking your emails as spam.

If a person receives and email and clicks a link from within that email, you should have special login settings that enables them to instantly manage their email settings. While I’m on this subject, let me throw in one other big no-no that I’ve seen over the past couple days: PR people and journalists will put you on BCC and don’t let you opt-out from their emails. Now I find myself emailing those people back and asking to be unsubscribed from their list.

If you are concerne that making unsubscribing easy will reduce your subscriber base, just use this trick to keep people on your list for longer.