is a new site that allows you to browse craigslist through image thumbnails. I have no idea why this site didn’t come out sooner. It is such a great idea. The thumbnail for this post illustrates a portion of results when browsing through bikes for sale in Washington, DC.

I actually made an Java alert system a while back that provided you a pop-up notification on your desktop when a new add was posted that matched your specified criteria. Unfortunately, I didn’t release it because I don’t know enough about Java and had compatibility issues with various computers. Oh well! I guess you could alternatively subscribe to the rss feed of a specific search. There used to be a website that automatically sends you email alerts when a craigslist ad is posted that meets your specified criteria, but I can’t seem to find it anymore. If you happen to know where a craigslist email alert site is located, please let me know. Otherwise, I might just toss a simple one together.

Either way, check out Listpic it is a great idea, and definitely an added value service for Craigslist.