Laura Roeder has built her own empire around educating others about social media marketing. Five years into her business she’s branching out from education and launching a social media marketing product. I invited Laura on to the show for two reasons.

First, Laura is an absolute master of email marketing. She has a personable voice in her letters and more importantly, drives results. I recently signed up to see her techniques and she happened to be in the process of launching a new product.

Edgar is a tool that archives and categorizes your social media posts for future use. Often times it isn’t necessary to come up with new content when you can really just post older yet relevant information. That’s what Edgar is all about.

What was unique about her approach to launching Edgar was that she made the product essentially invite only. Want to buy the product? Enter your email and they’ll follow-up. This runs completely counter to how most people release their SaaS products.

In this week’s episode we dive in to why she chose that strategy and what results have been generated. Enjoy!

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