According to the Register, will begin tracking video attention in addition to the music attention that they are already tracking. is not tracking all my videos though, just music videos. Are you serious? I understand that they want to stick to covering music attention, but why don’t they launch a (or some other domain) website that tracks my movie and tv attention data? How many people are spending their days watching music videos on their computer? If they stored all my video data, could be come the attention data resellers for the music, movie, and television industries. That would be HUGE.

Maybe tracking all video data is already part of their plan but they want to stick within their current confines of music. Soon enough will be tracking everything that I click on my computer, and then they can start selling that data to software companies. Well, maybe not but it’s a thought. We voluntarily provide our attention data to companies like in hopes that they can sell us new products. There’s no better marketing device out there. Attention marketing is one step above opt-in marketing. Companies know what we want without us asking. The future is a peaceful coexistence between marketer and consumer. Doesn’t that sound nice?