Hanging out in a bar and talking to a bunch of techies. That’s what I saw when I first turned on Justin.tv. Justin.tv is a new site that is covering Justin’s life 24/7. The main story is that there are 4 guys creating a new startup and this will document their experience through the eyes of Justin. Strangely enough I found myself listening in on the conversation for a good 20 minutes or more. Then I was surprised to see the girl at the table making out with Justin. This site truly appeals to our voyeuristic nature. The site launched a week ago and has quickly moved up the ranks. I am willing to bet that this site will skyrocket to the top 50 websites on the internet.

Justin.tv is the real-life Truman show. There have been others that have attempted to do the same thing, but this one looks like it is going to receive a lot of mainstream media coverage. Is it possible that many of us will start wondering what Justin is doing on a daily basis? While I’m not really concerned, it will be cool to see the uncensored highlights. Are you going to watch?