While browsing through my google reader today I noticed an article from PodTech.net about the first CRV entrepreneur idol winners. Included in the article was an interesting video of the winning 60 second pitches. One of the pitches was for a new company called PersonForce. Personforce allows any website to make money off job postings. After signing up you simply add the job board to your site in minutes and Personforce will go and find jobs that accurately target viewers of your site. It is the Google AdWords of job boards! Genius!

How do you get paid as a website owner using Personforce? Personforce pays you in two ways: 1) When employers come to your site and post a job, and 2) When potential employees submit an application or view the job.

With a little Web2.0 design added to their website and interface, I could see this site taking off fast. I know thousands of bloggers will be fast to put a job board on their site similar to CrunchBoard, 37Signals job board, and GigaOm Jobs. From the sounds of the video clip, the person pitching Personforce successfully intrigued Matt Marshall from VentureBeat (a blog about the venture capital industry).

The only sample job board that Personforce links to on their website is Brightspyre, which doesn’t really look that slick. I think with a little redesign and simplification (similar to a 37signals type of interface), Personforce will be massive. They already have at least $100,000 in revenue and 300,000 users. Look for this site to potentially take off in the near future. Timing is critical as I’m sure someone will try to create a similar product in the immediate future, but this is truly a great idea.

I found a competitor to Personforce yesterday. The company is called HiddenNetwork.com. Hidden network provides bloggers with an easy way to list job vacancies on their website and get paid for generating leads.