Back at the beginning of December I wrote about how Facebook would become the king of social networking. Almost 4 months later it has yet to occur, but there are signs that things may be changing. Over the weekend Andy Kessler from the Wall Street Journal got a chance to interview Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. Then today Valleywag posted apretty entertaining post about the WSJ article. With all the buzz surrounding Mark Zuckerberg, I decided to do a little Alexa research (yes, that site that all the bloggers are hating on for it’s imperfect data, but what can I do about it!). The result of my research is below.

In the past month, Facebook has surpassed Friendster in overall traffic (and this probably happened before that, but hey this is Alexa data) and is rapidly approaching Orkut. What does this all mean? Well, Mark Zuckerburg is sitting on a potential cash cow that is supposedly cash flow positive but is risking losing a proper exit point if he waits too much longer. This social network is poised to explode and he is arrogantly saying that the best way to run a business is to hire young, technical people. While I partially agree with this assertion, I think that this is not the attitude to hold once your company is no longer a start-up. It’s great to see Zuckerberg’s enthusiasm, but it’s time to see his mature side. Who could afford purchasing a MySpace at it’s current size? That’s going to be the position that Zuckerberg is in if he waits too long. I would imagine that the VCs are putting some pressure on Mark, no?