Sometimes when I speak to people about reading industry news they tell me that they don’t read blogs. In addition to not having the time, a large percentage of the population doesn’t see the value. For marketing purposes then, it makes me wonder if the term “Blog” is a bad one.

When I search around for books about blogs, most of them are about “How to make money from blogging”, or “blogging for business”. Such books are right up there with the “How to make $1 million, guaranteed!” When I was writing AllFacebook and SocialTimes, people would ask me what I do and I always had a difficulty in explaining it to them. I could say “I’m a blogger”, but I felt as though the word didn’t paint the proper picture. The most positive thing I could come up with is “I run my own publication” or “I run a media company”.

I’m still searching for the proper description of running a “niche publication”, however “blog” is certainly not it. Do you think the word “blog” has a negative connotation, or is “blogging” a perfectly acceptable profession?