I just started reading an article about how Elon Musk claims that for $5 billion he could get 10,000 people living on mars and caught myself thinking: why on earth doesn’t our country have ambitious goals like that? In one part it’s kind of an insult to the inefficiencies of government bureaucracy, but more importantly, it’s the voice of a leader.

Outrageous claims, dreams of accomplishing what most would consider impossible, these motivate people to create change. I don’t know of a single politician, including the President of the United States, that’s making JFK-like claims that inspire a nation. I also don’t know of any public figures who make and execute on such ambitious objectives as Elon Musk (feel free to drop names in the comments).

That’s not to say that other people who are doing great things for the world don’t deserve recognition (people like Bill Gates, etc), I’m just suggesting that we need ambitious leaders to change our government. If Elon Musk is able to build a space program and create powerful electric cars with a few billion dollars, surely we can accomplish much more with our tax dollars.

That starts with a leader like Elon Musk. Know of any people that fit the bill?