Over the past few months I’ve been working on a new company: Holler.com. The company’s vision is to connect the world through social experiences.

So far we’ve built a product, tossed it out, rebuilt the product, and are preparing to finally get the first version out. The one thing that I’ve learned again is that starting a business is insanely hard! For some reason I had forgot how challenging it was to get something off the ground after working on AllFacebook and SocialTimes for years. I think we’ve finally come up with something that will both prove to be valuable for users and also the organizations that use the product.

The greatest issue we had when starting was that we began without a clearly defined customer. This is a great way to get nowhere fast! While you can throw something out and see who starts using it, it’s an extremely costly way of discovering a business. We’ve decided to start off by targeting people who already organize activities for groups of people. If you happen to be someone who does this, reach out to me!

If you want to start using Holler when we launch, go sign up via our website.