I’ve been noticing an increasing number of startups, large and small, using Facebook’s quick registration form (found here). My only assumption is that these forms are performing extremely well. I’ve noticed that even aWeber, one of the largest e-mail newsletter services, has integrated the form directly into their product.

Anytime you can acquire a user’s email with one click, the greater conversion you are likely to have. While I haven’t seen this used for registration, since a password is often required, it’s increasingly used for people trying to sign you up for daily newsletter services. My only issue with it is that it can often take 3 seconds or more to load the form, a period of time which surely reduces conversion.

Granted, the benefit of having a form pre-filled is probably greater than the downside of having to wait a few seconds. I personally haven’t tried this technique, but you can check out AppSumo’s use of Facebook’s registration form below. Have you used this method? Did it work for you? Let me know in the comments!