Definitely not but one thing is for sure, Google is going to have to become a little more tame. After snapping up over 13,000 employees and a large number of companies, Google has missed earnings. Many had been predicting that this was going to be the burst of the Web 2.0 bubble, myself included. Google’s miss was not horrendous considering that they still posted a relatively spectacular of 28 percent. Previous to this though Google had never improved less than 60 percent. The valley’s darling has made a misstep. Under hiring and over acquiring. It was bound to happen but the real question is whether or not there will be any significant fallout from this. One thing is for sure: the rapid Google buyout strategy that many startups had been hoping for the past couple of years will now become a less realistic option.

As I mention on my AllFacebook blog today, it looks like the tide is rapidly shifting in Silicon Valley. Facebook seems to be rapidly acquiring many of the Google developers that are looking for more pre-IPO options. Not a bad choice for a talented developer. So will it all come crashing down? Probably not but this is probably a serious reality check for a lot of people in the technology industry.