Back in February there was a lot of discussion as to whether or not blogging has peaked. Much of the discussion revolved around the daily posting volume in the blogosphere. At the beginning of April Steve Rubel was asking the same question. While there hasn’t been another “state of the blogosphere” report released recently, I am willing to bet that blogging has in no way slowed down. I am watching one friend after the other take up blogging and start posting on a daily basis. Even Marc Andreessen, the founder of Netscape, didn’t start blogging until 5 weeks ago. While the growth gained from the typical blogger will not mimic Marc Anreesen’s growth, I think the satisfaction gained from self-expression is powerful enough to keep one blogging. This is especially the case for younger people that are used to not having their voice taken as seriously in a professional environment. If you want to have a louder voice, start blogging. It’s as simple as that. Eventually people will be forced to listen to you as your influence grows. Conversely, in order for your influence to grow in your career, you need to discuss career oriented topics.

So why am I going off on this whole discussion about blogging? Well, I was inspired when I heard Marc Andreesen talking about the power of blogging. He gives a great overview of basic lessons that he has learned from blogging in the first five weeks. It was also great timing because I had planned on posting a complete tutorial on starting up your own blog. While many of my readers are already bloggers, many are not. I am hoping that by providing a little advice they can experience the same wonderful things that I have experienced as a result of blogging. I want to make that tutorial as complete as possible so look for it to come out in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, if you aren’t blogging, try it out! If you are blogging, keep at it!