Today Google released their yearly Year-End Google Zeitgeist. This year “bebo” ranked at the top of all searches. In the U.S., most people probably are unaware of what Bebo is (I had seen it a couple times but wasn’t aware of the magnitude of the site). Below is a list of this years top 10 keywords:

I’ve previously heard that Yahoo is the number one term on Google but I’m guessing that even if the rumor was true Google probably wouldn’t publish that.

It is pretty apparent that social networking and wikis are a pretty popular trend on the web. After so much hype though, it is pretty surprising that YouTube didn’t show up in the top 10, while a video competitor, Metacafe was number 4.

There is a great article over at the Business 2.0 blog that covers how Google comes up with their yearly zeitgeist. As I mentioned, Google has filtered out competitor’s names from the list as well as any R rated terms.