According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is working on a deal to buyout the video game advertising company Adscape. This news follows in step with Google’s entry into radio advertising. Additionally, there are rumors that Google is discussing an agreement with CBS that would enable them to broker TV and radio advertisements. What does all this mean?

It looks like those responsible for company ad placements are going to eventually have a much easier job. I (and I’m sure Google as well) envision a system in which you are going to be able to monitor an ad’s effectiveness all from one location. Additionally, you will be able to control your advertising portfolio all from one control panel. This is pretty cool not only for those within the marketing division of large organizations, but also those responsible for managing the marketing of small businesses. There are already web based solutions for purchasing tv ad spots, and the rates are pretty reasonable. When I checked out the price of tv ad spots on Spot Runner I found a range of rates from $9 for a 30 second spot on the Travel Channel in Salem, Oregon, to $431 for a 30 second ad placement on HGTV in Brooklyn, New York.

In the whole scheme of things, it is pretty obvious that Google in not only trying to shake up the advertising industry with their extremely successful AdWords system, but also aiming to provide advertising managers with a single control panel to manage all of their advertising. While this shift is going to take some time to occur, there are some pretty big steps being made. Although video game advertising may not be the biggest step for Google, it is an important move in their quest to become the leader in advertising brokerage.