According to Techcrunch Google is acquiring GrandCentral. If you don’t already know what GrandCentral is, it is a free service that allows you to use one number for all of your phone numbers. It will automatically forward calls to your any of your other phones that you specify and has value-added features. This includes a feature that automatically emails you an mp3 file of your conversation directly to your email as soon as you get done with a conversation. There are a bunch of other cool features as well. Bottom line, their service is really slick and it is not surprising to hear that they have been acquired.

According to the Techcrunch article, the company raised less than $6 million in venture capital, so any buyout is most likely greater than $30 million. While they hadn’t been generating revenue yet, their technology is far superior to competing offerings. If you want to have a single phone number for all of your communication, go check out GrandCentral. I guess Google is looking to go head on with Skype, and the purchase of GrandCentral will definitely help them get there. So who won’t Google go after?