That’s what you will be reading in the newspaper tomorrow after Google smashes earnings after the bell today. Look for the stock to hit $550. Currently options are priced for an 8% swing in the stock price after earnings are announce. I’m guessing that the volatility might be even a little higher. Either way, this will be exciting news. Based on the charts that I’ve seen which show Google’s market share in comparison to Yahoo and MSN, Google ate a huge chunk of their competitor’s market share. Good luck guys!


So it looks like my forecasts were wrong, at least partially. Although Google smashed earnings, the stock price did not perform as much as I had expected (and apparently it didn’t perform as options players had expected as well). Valleywag seems to think that it’s because the market is concerned about the day Google just meets earnings. That will cause the stock to tank. Well, I’m a strong Google supporter, but I guess the market has finally become rational about this stock.