At least that’s what Business Week seem to suggest in their article “Is Google Too Powerful?” What’s funny is they may not be far off in suggesting that Google is trying to control the world’s information. A great portion of the article references Larry Page at a 2002 talk at Stanford.

He said Google aims to turn the technology behind its search engine into a true artificial intelligence that could “answer any question, which means you can do basically anything.”

While that may be what they are trying to accomplish, they are going to face some pretty big challenges as they try to index the world information. These challenges are already popping up all over the place, including Viacom’s recent $1 billion lawsuit against YouTube. All in all they will fall short of collecting information way before they can connect wires to my brain given the onslaught of lawsuits coming their way.

I’m personally not opposed to Google storing most of my data except all of my personal company’s documents, etc. Although, I guess they already have that information given that Google desktop is installed on my computer and indexing everything! Oops! Regardless, while Google may be on top of the internet world currently, the world domination that some are concerned about may not be as realistic as they imagine. Due to competitive forces and ongoing legal battles, Google will have some major challenges in it’s quest to index the world.