Today, Google released their Google tools for webmasters. Not only are these tools useful for webmasters, but they are key for search engine marketing firms. Google provides a useful keyword analysis tool, as well as an external links analysis page. I can’t say that the external links tool is particularly effective considering my search for “linkto:” turned up with 5 times as many results. Google claims that the tool will give you more in depth results. Unfortunately I didn’t experience that. On the other hand, I did learn that Google does not like keywords to include apostrophe’s and will remove all letters prior to the apostrophe. Rather than showing two of the main keywords on my site as “Nick” and “O’Neill”, it showed “Nick” and “Neil”. I have since updated my name at the bottom of my posts to not include the apostrophe. Hopefully in the next few days I will see an increase in my ranking for the search phrase “Nick ONeill” as a result. If you are somehow involved with search engine optimization, than this tool should definitely be on your radar.