Over the past few weeks life has become insanely hectic for me. Most of this has been due to my new AllFacebook blog that I keep going on about. Why do I keep bringing it up? Well, I’m spending close to 3 hours a day (if not more) finding out what’s going on in the world of Facebook. Two weeks ago I found an unfulfilled niche and decided to start filling it. Is this how a true entrepreneur should act? Yes and no.

Given that I don’t have any other ventures actively going on (aside from my random ramblings in this blog which will definitely not bring me in much money), I decided to seize the moment. So yes, an entrepreneur that is finding their way should try to seize the moment and act on an opportunity that they find. Especially if that opportunity is within reach. Conversely, if the entrepreneur is wrapped up in their own business, running on to the next thing is an endless cycle that will destroy all possibilities of success.

With the new Facebook development platform, I am watching entrepreneurs cringe. They are trying to decipher what really lies behind the new platform and whether or not they should act on it. While there are those that will get rich off of the new platform, switching paths and moving all resources to the new Facebook platform will be a losing strategy for most people. For most businesses, the new platform will provide a new advertising vehicle and just that. For the select few that are quick to move (and are moving now), there will be lots of money to be made. For the remaining, seeing the new platform as anything more than an advertising vehicle will be disastrous.

The bottom line is know what your vision of your company is. If you don’t currently have an existing company that you are dedicated to, try to seize any opportunity that you see and are passionate about. Just be prepared to dedicate a hell of a lot of time. Without passion, you will soon meet defeat as eventually you will begin to question why you are spending so much time on your project. Just remember, do not completely stray from your vision when someone comes in and rattles up the marketplace. While change happens fast, revolutions take time.